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Hello! We have created a website for you. You can find our trend collections, classics among others. You can make your purchases easily and practically.

We want to hear your suggestions, address your concerns.

You will find tips and advice to take care of your accessories and leather goods or synthetic garments (footwear, bags and belts).

Learn a little more about our team. We believe that great companies are born from great employees and that is why we only work with dedicated people. Don't you believe us? Come see for yourself.


Kali-fa footwear, seeks to ratify by highlighting the hard-working, cordial and friendly image that characterizes the Colombian; positioning its brand in the women's fashion market with national products, accrediting our manufacturing with quality, design, good customer service and innovation through continuous improvement of our processes.


Kali-fa footwear is a company dedicated to satisfying the women's fashion market, with the aim of supporting and creating footwear and accessories for the Colombian leather industry; seeking to meet the changing demand of fashion, with quality products and design, adjusted to the national market.

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